Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Loudmouth - Inya Area

I'm really feeling some element to this video and style of the beat and performance. I wish that mix was beefy (especially after the quality of the intro) and that would be something seriously heavy.

Just P - I Just Wanna Chill

The Jazz Jousters Podcast #3 by Carys Matic

It was a huge honour to be asked to host the Jazz Jousters podcast. A lot of love went into this playlist and I hope it shines through the tracks I selected. I've included a number of jazz-influenced hip hop gems that have inspired me over the years, alongside some more recent tracks that get my head nodding and my brain ticking. I also threw in a couple of joints from my forthcoming EP 'The Spaces in the Silence'. I hope you enjoy listening to this set as much as I enjoyed compiling it. Peace, Carys 'Matic' Jones Download
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