Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Loudmouth - Inya Area

I'm really feeling some element to this video and style of the beat and performance. I wish that mix was beefy (especially after the quality of the intro) and that would be something seriously heavy.

Just P - I Just Wanna Chill

The Jazz Jousters Podcast #3 by Carys Matic

It was a huge honour to be asked to host the Jazz Jousters podcast. A lot of love went into this playlist and I hope it shines through the tracks I selected. I've included a number of jazz-influenced hip hop gems that have inspired me over the years, alongside some more recent tracks that get my head nodding and my brain ticking. I also threw in a couple of joints from my forthcoming EP 'The Spaces in the Silence'. I hope you enjoy listening to this set as much as I enjoyed compiling it. Peace, Carys 'Matic' Jones Download

Rickstar - So Happy

This was dumped on our MJM Facebook group wall and tho we'd usually delete posts from people we don't know and who don't know us (which is the point that that particular group) this one was pretty catchy and definitely got my attention as soon as I heard the drums, not to mention certain elements in the video itself. Big shout to Andrew 'Badabeats' James who is the producer and who posted it. Good luck with the campaign!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Frenglish Connexion - Bullet Of Love

The Wonderful World Of Carminelitta - Podcast

After a long hiatus, The Wonderful World of Carminelitta is back! This is the show as it was broadcasted on Ness Radio ( on 16th July. As usual, it is an eclectic mix that blends brand-new tracks with older ones. I hope you enjoy the selection and spread the word around you. You can listen to and download a few older podcasts on The Wonderful World of Carminelitta:

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Copyright Enforcement Irony: Lord Finesse stops Dan Bull's video on YouTube

I had to be post this one in support of Dan Bull who you would have seen in various features on these pages via his own work, some kind of MJM collaboration or in the old 'lab off' section.

The following text is by Fruzsina Eördögh on ReadWriteWeb

"In an ironic twist, YouTube has honored a request by hip hop producer Lord Finesse to remove a video in which Dan Bull, a songwriter, rapper and YouTube satirist, criticized the producer's own copyright abuses.

The subject of Bull's video (no longer available on YouTube) was Lord Finesse's $10 million lawsuit against up-and-coming indie rapper Mac Miller, who sampled Finesse's 1995 hit "Hip 2 Da Game" in his 2010 track "Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza."

However, a substantial part of the musical track to which Finesse lays claim is actually from Jazz musician Oscar Peterson's 1971 recording "Dream of You."

Bull did not mince words in his video schooling Lord Finesse: "Unauthorized sampling and remixing are an integral part of hip hop culture," Bull pointed out in the track. But that lesson is not in the Digital Music Copyright Act textbook. Over the weekend, Finesse's lawyers issued a copyright claim requesting that YouTube remove the clip.

In an eight-minute video about the takedown uploaded Sunday, Bull notes that no other videos sampling "Hip 2 Da Game" or "Dream of You" - not even Mac Miller's - were issued copyright claims. Given the availability on YouTube of other videos featuring content to which Lord Finesse could potentially lay claim, Bull says "this makes it even more clear that my video wasn't targeted for copyright reasons, but because it highlighted the hypocrisy of the lawsuit."

Copyright laws in both the U.K. and U.S. make an allowance for "fair use" for the purposes of commentary or parody. Bull claims that his work qualified, as it was clearly both a parody and a commentary of Lord Finesse. Bull maintains he is legally (and morally, given hip hop's history of appropriating pre-existing music) right in this situation, and that Finesse abused copyright law to censor him.

DMCA abuse is common given YouTube's automation of copyright claims. The Google-owned site does not manually check for copyright infringement of the 72 hours of content uploaded every minute, so it simply agrees to take down contested clips. This automatic response, however, is easily co-opted by anyone from pranksters to angry ex-boyfriends eager to remove anything they desire, be it Justin Bieber's music or embarrassing angry voicemails.

Normally when a video is removed due to a DMCA request, the uploader can file a counterclaim, although YouTube warns that counterclaim issuers must be "prepared to face a claimant in court." In his follow-up video, Bull says that he has yet to issue a counter-claim because "frankly, I am a bit scared," given Finesse's $10 million lawsuit against Mac Miller.

Meanwhile, Web citizens angry at what they see as censorship on the Internet have taken to spreading Bull's message, an example of the Streisand effect. To date, Bull's "Michael Moore style" follow-up video of the DMCA takedown has been viewed 70 thousand times. In multiple Reddit threads - including one which hit the front page - audience members encourage Bull to sue Finesse, even offering him help by crowdfunding his expenses. "There needs to be a legal precedent set for cases like this to avoid future copyright claim abuse to censor the Internet," wrote redditor and Machinima partner zBAWB.

On YouTube, dozens of users have taken to reuploading Bull's removed video as an act of protest. "The whole point of reuploading this is to show that we won't stand for that kind of bullshit censorship and misuse of copyright law," wrote uploader oppstoppersnopp. "Dan has done nothing wrong, Mac has done nothing wrong, and we're doing nothing wrong. We won't be silenced."

John Robinson & Kyo Itachi - Mystical Strings

Jacek Kochan - One Eyed Horse

Just came across this while trying to track down a certain Polish Jazz number. This was lead by "Polish drummer / composer / arranger Jacek Kochan is one of the country's most active music leaders with an impressive and prolific career in both Jazz and contemporary experimental music. Kochan spent considerable periods of time living, studying and performing in the USA and Canada and upon his return to Poland in the mid 1990s he swiftly established his position as a central figure on the local scene. Since then he recorded a considerable number of albums as a leader, co-leader and sideman with many musicians from around Europe and the US as well as local musicians of course..." - Adam Baruch

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Glad2Mecha & Goldfingah - HandMade EP

Monday, 16 July 2012

Some Other Time - The Jazz Jousters digs Bill Evans

As promised, the Jazz Jousters return with their fourth collection of Hip Hop Jazz instrumentals from their Lab Off sessions that pay homage to some of their favorite Jazz legends. The Jousters group took it upon themselves to tackle the ‘Some Other Time’ instrumental by the famous pianist, Bill Evans.

‘Some Other Time - The Jazz Jousters digs Bill Evans’ features productions from regulars, Blue Buttonz, Gadget, Wriggly Scott, Joe Davies, Diligent Fingers, DRTYDRDZ and Mr. Moods featuring vocals from MarLikNun on the closing track.

Millennium Jazz has just begun session number five and the Jousters are about to take on ‘Summertime’ by Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto. This will be released on Sunday 29th July 2012 on the Millennium Jazz Bandcamp page.

Thank you for listening! MJM

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Wriggly Scott ft. Deeb, Edd, Boikutt & DJ Daredevil - Re7la

"Loosely translated as "shit happens" Re7la sees 3 of the most prominent underground MCs from the Middle East on one track. Deeb (Egypt), Edd (Lebanon) and Boikutt (Palestine) came together upon hearing the epic 6-minute long track, where Wriggly Scott layers theatrical folk samples with live instrumentation and percussion over rusty drum breaks. As a special bonus Wriggly also asked his long-time friend DJ Daredevil from the UK (DMC, ITF, All Star Beatdown) to provide cuts for the outro." - Another Music

DJ Solo aka Wriggly Scott - Saturday Jazz Mix

"I think all of us like Jazz, myself in particular. I just came across this mix which I did a few years back for a blog called Rolling Thunder, I'd just returned from a trip to Brazil where I spent most of my time digging, in particular for these kinds of sounds, and wanted to share the vinyls that I bought and also random tracks that I loved. Since then I've obviously bought a lot more so I might do a vol.2 next month. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this one." - DJ Solo

DJ Center ft Oddisee (& Chris Read Remix) - Leave The City Ouside

DJ Shep - Holdin' Court Show on Kane FM

"Last Sunday's Holdin' Court Radio Show is now available to listen again... Fresh, new and exclusive UK hip hop plus back in the day funk, UKHH and US bangers..." - DJ Shep

Gadget - Mirrored Images
Diligent Fingers feat. Awakening Dawn - Reflections
Gibbo - Lighten Up
Jay - 50 50
So Sincere - Staggering Script
Benny Diction - Open Wide
DJ Center feat. Oddisee - Leave The City Outside (Chris Read Remix)
Dirty Treats feat. Praverb The Wise - Original
Border Crossing feat. Fat Jon, The Ample Soul Physician - Just An Ode
Border Crossing feat. Jyager, st & Rakin Niass - Three Times Hope
Caxton Press - I Wanna See
Big Toast (TPS Fam) feat. Oliver Sudden -Summertime
Drinking Sir Beans - Pause To Discuss
Sir Beans - Terror To The Toys
Ramson Badbonez - Pump Dat Bass
Spitfire - Dr. Graham
Word Of Mouth - I Just Wanna Smoke
Duck Alert - Nuff Respect
Due Bob James & Nas - Nautilus 2011 (Flipout B-Boy Edit)
Mark Mac presents Visioneers feat. Capitol A - Funk Box (Jazzy Jeff Vocal)
People Under The Stairs - Live From The Fishbucket Pt. 2
Whirlwind D - Strong (Vocal)
Herman Kelly & Life - Dance To The Drummer's Beat
Babe Ruth - The Mexican
Hiroshi & Kudo feat. DJ Milo - Re-return Of The Original Artform (Reinterpreted by Cut Chemist)
Black Blood - Chicano
Jun Mayuzumi - Black Room
Jehst feat. Asaviour - People Under The Weather
The Sundragon - The Path
Supa T - High Times
TPS Fam - Crate Digging Music
Ralph Rip Sh!t - Something
Concept Of Thought - This Is Hip Hop
Booda French - 61 Grace
R.A. The Rugged Man - Lessons
Hijack - Style Warriors Revenge

Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Jazz Jousters Podcast #3 by OJB

My love affair with hip hop music started at a young age and has seen me take a journey through nearly all forms of rap music from gangster rap to conscious UK music. My journey has not only been as a fan but also a musician in my own right. As a beat maker and composer I pay a lot of attention to instrumentation and the relationship between different aspects that make up a track. I hope that my selection of jazz and jazz-influenced music from some of my favourite producers and artists will in part explain my passion for well produced and interesting music.

Jazz music has always been a huge influence on the producers and artists I listen to and I hope you enjoy my selection. Don't forget to check back for the podcasts every fortnight for your next dose of jazzy hip hop.

OJB - Owen Bush


OJB Mmusic on Bandcamp

Monday, 2 July 2012

Mirrors - The Jazz Jousters Vibes With Bobby Hutcherson

Mirrors is another installment to come from Millennium Jazz’s Lab Off sessions within their international Jazz Jousters community as they return yet again with a third helping of quality Trip Hop and Hip Hop Jazz. In this session the Jousters came together to sample the 1963, ‘Mirrors’ by the Vibraphone and Marimba veteran Bobby Hutcherson.

‘Mirrors’ features productions from the likes of; Wriggly Scott, Gadget, Organiq Creator, Mr. Moods, Erik Jackson, Blue Buttonz, DRTYDRDZ Diligent Fingers, Skinnista, Es-K,
Joe Davies, & B 3 N B i. As well as vocals from Vicky Flint, Awakening Dawn, Cheese & Diligent Fingers.


 You can also see Diligent Fingers in the lab and talking us through his process of making ‘Reflections’ for the session

Lab Off Part 4 – ‘The Jazz Jousters dig Bill Evans’, is now underway and will be released on Sunday 15th July 2012 on the Millennium Jazz Bandcamp page.

Keep Jousting! MJM

Emma Louise (Tales Of Vega) - Not This Time

Em says "An original composition by myself (lyrics) and Freddy Choppin (Music ). Something a little bit soultry for your minds. Hope you like it. :-)"


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