Saturday, 20 February 2010

Gavlyn - Habit That You Blame

As we step over to California to hear the one and only Gavlyn, a Rapper and Spoken Word artist who has only been rapping sine 2006 yet has blessed the public with many personal appearances in this time. I was given the heads up about Gavlyn by our mutual friend and Los Angeles heavyweight Destruct some time ago where I heard a very well executed 'Walking Down The Street' which samples the 1963 Dionne Warwick classic 'Walk On By'. Curious are you? good, cos it's on this mixtape. The best thing about this is that it's just a promo mixtape (with original production) that she's put out just before the release of her debut album 'From Tha Art'. We'll most likely post it here as soon as we're in the know...

Download sharebee
Gavlyn @myspace

Friday, 19 February 2010

Sons Of South: All Eyes On The South vol 3 'Real Names No Gimmicks'

The wait is over.... Sons Of South are back at what they do best with the third installment of their 'All Eyes On The South' series this time with MC Blaze (Real Name No Gimmicks) as the executive producer. Expect to hear the whole squad (Blaze, Naturekid, Verbal Remedy, Mr Prophecy, DJ Jeckal, Terror & ext fam DJoe) as well as guests appearances from V.E.X, Jack Flash, Gadget & Louisunseen (Millennium Jazz) & Unfriednly Neighbours name a few. Personally I've only heard 'Stupid Brear' produced by SOS's very own Terror, 'Can't Contest', & 'No Gimmicks' and this really bumps, especially at high volume. That said, I have volumes 1 & 2 and I know what these guys are capable of so as the CD gets nearer to my postbox this project already gets a Diggaz Love recommendation.

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Sons Of South @myspace

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Smiler - Destroy & Rebuild

Respect to the brotha for airing his views. I've already seen that this track has sparked off alot of talk among the community due to the name dropping and points against what many would call the uk's best. Which ever stance you take on 'Smiler' and his views this was a good listen. What happens now? good question...

Monday, 1 February 2010

Scorzayzee - 'Best Of Scors' vol 1

If you know nothing of the Nottingham MC/arguably the best rhymer of the old 'Out Da Ville' squad then I suggest you swiftly download this collection and hope no one had noticed. You'll be more than happy with this if you are a lover of clever and far from over the top lyrics as we are blessed with a piece of Scorzilla's back catalog. And it all kicks off with one of my favorites 'Archery', nuff said...

1. Archery (Produced by DJ Fever)
2. Wishmaster (Produced by DJ Fever)
3. The Looniest (Produced by Cappo)
4. We Dont Care (Produced by DJ Fever)
5. Raw (Produced by Nick Dimes Sterrett + Big Trev)
6. Bang Your Head (Produced by DJ Vadim)
7. Freestyle Frenzy (Produced by Joe Buhdha)
8. Want Whats Yours (Produced by Styly Cee)
9. 3 Wize Men (Produced by DJ Fever)
10. Reality (Accapella)
11. Freestyle (With Lee Ramsay + Karizma) (Produced by DJ Fever)
12. Blueberry Dreamhaze (Produced by Cappo)
13. The Beginning Of The End (With Lee Ramsay) (Produced by DJ Fever)
14. Accakela (With Lee Ramsay + Killa Kela)
15. Try (Produced by Nick Stez)
16. 3 Kings (Produced by The P Brothers)
17. Speak (With Cappo) (Produced by The Akai Professionals)
18. Take A Journey (With Sophie Johnson Hill) (Produced by Nick Stez + Big Trev)
19. No Pain, No Gain (With Cappo) (Produced by Styly Cee)
20. Mic Life (Produced by The Labratz)

Download @sendspace
Scorzayzee @myspace

Lab Off pt7 beats

Boom, 2010 and it's time to get back on the grind with our projects etc. For Lab Off pt 7 the talented Dan Bull has challenged us with four samples to flip. The difference from past Lab Offs was that he gave us four difficult vocals samples to do our thing with.

As usual we could taken parts from one sample, combined them, as well as use additional sounds from vst's, synths and even other samples. But the main sample had to have came from at least one of the tracks provided.

Deadline was: 11:59pm Friday January 22nd 2010

Download @sendspace
Download @rapidshare

Previous Lab Offs

Nino Bless & Sivey - Name Droppin'

Nino Bless - Name Dropping (Prod. Sivey) by Sivey

Sivey @soundcloud


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