Thursday, 27 August 2009

The 5 A Day Mixtape

Organix presents first edition of the '5 A Day Mixtape'
Available on free download for prmotioal purposes.

5 Tracks ( & Intro,Outro!) of Upcoming talent linked somehow with Organix.

Mal's Intro
Jay Madden - All I Need
Tai, Wizard & Scizzahs - Lights Out
Antidote ft Stickman - The Old Skool Sound
Simple Samples - A Day In The life
Rick Mal - Torture Chamber
Mal's Outro

Hope you like....

Dwel & Mal

Download @yousendit
Organix @myspace

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New ShaoDow mixtape... 'That's MR ShaoDow To You'

Mr ShaoDow Hello, this is Mr ShaoDow, thank you for showing an interest in my brand new mixtape "That's MR ShaoDow To You".
I'm an unsigned solo artist but I work hard with my music, my new mixtape contains a selection of some of my favourite songs that I have worked on, and a range of styles from Hip Hop to Rock to Dubstep to Grime.

Ultimately I'm trying to make some intelligent, inspiring music, the mixtape is only £6 including postage and packaging. If you would like a signed copy please let me know.

...say's the man himself. Also lookout for Mr ShaoDow and his squad headlining ar the O2 Academy in Oxford on Saturday 5th of September. see for more details.

1) Intro
2) That's MR ShaoDow
3) R U Stoopid!?! (featuring LeeN)
4) Mouth Cancer
5) We Live It (featuring LeeN, produced by Gadget)
6) Tim£ I$ Mon£y
7) Rap Superstar Remix
8) DJ Barenoise Skit
9) Cockney Thug
10) The British Are Coming
11) Look Out (Rock Remix)
12) I'm A...
13) Don't Sleep (featuring LeeN, produced by Gadget)
14) BONUS:- CH 2 CR (Offkey and Mr Bo)
15) BONUS:- Jah Is Watching (Asher Dust and Meef Chaloin)
16) BONUS:- Westwood Interview

This CD contains some additional extras which can be viewed when it is inserted into a computer

ShaoDow @myspace
Shaodow @facebook

Monday, 24 August 2009

Diggaz Love Lab Off's pt2 - 'Quadraflip'

Gadge hosted a Lab Off for producers @ & :
So this time producers had 4 tracks of different genre ( Classical, Jazz, Soul, Prog Rock) thanks to Suicyde and Don Blake for taking time out to dig these up.

Producers could have taken parts from one, combined them, as well as used additional sounds from vst's, synths and even other samples. But the main sample had to have come from at least one of the four tracks provided.

Deadline: was Sunday 23rd August 2009


Dan Bull
Bare Rob
Dilligent Fingers
Baron Samedi
Don Blake

Download the 4 samples

Sunday, 23 August 2009

International Hustle 10 - Various Artists

1. Janelle Nadine Intro
2. Janelle Nadine - Back To Ya Wife
3. Lil Scappy Feat Ludacris - Addicted To Money
4. Gucci Mane Feat Shawty Lo - Nothing To Do
5. Brisco - Game Room
6. Moka Blast Feat Bun B & Slim Thug - I Rep Tha Dirty
7. DJ Kayslay Feat Various - Blockstarz
8. NORE Feat Raekwon - Face Off
9. Janelle Nadine Interlude
10. Janelle Nadine - Friends
11. Killa Kim - White Girl Swag
12. Iceburg Feat Piccalo - A Reason To Hate
13. Shawty Lo Feat Gucci Mane, Ludacris & The Dream - ATL GA
14. Yo Gotta Feat Diamond - 5 Star Chick (Remix)
15. Dragnet Feat Q-Minus - The Streets Dont Sleep
16. Terence Mas & Naturekid - Coolin
17. Rox - Danger
18. Ill Dot Logic - Hydroplane
19. Janelle Nadine - Talk To Me Buttnaked
20. Janelle Nadine - See Me
21. Janelle Nadine Outro

DJ Ames @Datpiff

Monday, 17 August 2009

Audible Amelioration

8 Track E.P

Featuring :
01 OdiousDin Ft. Coherent Motion - "Ear Bleed"
02 Abject Theory - Ft. Coherent Motion - "Stage Is Set"
03 Relent Ft. Farma G - Coherent Motion - Billy Butler Yeats - DJ Para - "I Sit Alone"
04 Abject Theory Ft. Coherent Motion - Bigg Jus - "Memories"
05 Relent Ft. Brad Strut - DJ Para - "Turn It Off"
06 Abject Theory - Ft. Coherent Motion - "Future Theories"
07 OdiousDin Ft. Coherent Motion - Billy Butler Yeats - "Reign Drops"
08 Abject Theory - Ft. Coherent Motion - "Intruders"

Download @Rapidshare
Download @Zshare
Download @Sendspace
Audible Amelioration @myspace

Monday, 10 August 2009


1. Delusionists: Parallel Worldz feat. Invizible Frenz (CB Exclusive)
2. Chosen Spokesmen: Mad Real (Prod. by Chemo) (CB Exclusive)
3. C-Froo: Financial Times
4. S.Kalibre: English (Prod. by Mike S)
5. Instance: Can't Get Down (Prod. by Mike D) (CB Exclusive)
6. Vee-Kay: Backroad ft. Dead Residents (CB Exclusive)
7. Rapskallions: Battleslang (Mr. Loop Remix) (CB Exclusive)
8. Runamuk: No Gimmicks ft. Unfriendly Neighbours & Blaze (Prod. by Terror) (CB Exclusive)
9. Lunar C: Stop Stressin’ (Prod. by Ant Orange) (CB Exclusive)
10. Uncle Dicky: Running On Fumes ft. Nozeeny (Prod. by Lazyb0nes) (CB Exclusive)
11. Nutty P: Why So Serious? (CB Exclusive)
12. Leady: Travelling Man (Prod. by Irn Mnky)
13. Joker Starr: Get Up (CB Exclusive)
14. EdXL: Crocodile Smile (Prod. by Cranky Fatso)
15. 10Shott: Soldier Salute
16. Skinnista & Gadget: Get Away ft. Dvas & Reggiimental (CB Exclusive) 17. The Riddlah: Mind Right (Prod. by Nasty P)
18. Knew Jeru’slum: Dreamcatchers ft. JND (Prod. by Eliphino) (CB Exclusive)
19. 30KB: Crewd Sons (Ghost in the Machine) (CB Exclusive)
20. JVF Clique: Lose The Chains (CB Exclusive)
Bonus Track: Zion I: Legacy ft. Ty

Download @Rapidshare
Go here for more info: Certified Banger Blogspot/

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Diggaz Love Lab Off's pt1 - 'Pieces Of 8'

Gadge hosted a Lab Off for producers @ & :
All producers involved we given 8 samples to cut up and make a beat out of them. All names are listed in teh Video.



Skully Bug
Dilligent Fingers
Bare Rob
Dan Bull
B (The Specialists)
Micky Dangerous
Ian E
R (The Specialists)

Download the 8 samples
in full or stream the beat snippets below

who are YOU feeling?


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