Friday, 10 December 2010

Classic Material Review...

"It’s so refreshing that as we get set to embark into the realms of 2011 we are still able to find quality sounds of the golden era, and Classic Material is no exception. But as the group would put it… “The new golden era is Worldwide”, and this fact really comes across with Jae Fresh (Brighton, UK) holding down eight of the nine productions as well as sharing verses with his partner in rhyme, Cav Johnson (New York, US) whilst DJ Cutler is the metaphorical icing on the cake that sums up completeness. Who was responsible for that last production then? I hear you asked. The trio called upon the Serbian veteran, Dirty Hairy for the remix of ‘Check The Word’ which closes the project with a heavy drummed, Guitar number.

In the event that you’ve never heard music from any of these three before you can expect various tempos and moods driven by a heavy Jazz backbone of crispy breaks and reinvented drum loops that are made ready for the very down to earth, yet poetical lyricism that come from Cav and Jae, as Cutler keeps his cuts tight and to the point. Overall I found this a good listen and think you will hear such a chemistry between the three that you may find yourself nodding …but don’t be alarmed, ‘Classic Material’ does have that effect!"

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