Monday, 30 April 2012

Roy Ayers Project: Beat Submissions Compilation Vol. 3

The Roy Ayers Project release third installment of their beat submissions compilation.

"We are proud to announce our 3rd installment of our Beat Submission Compilation, which features talented producers from all over the world sampling the vast catalog of Roy Ayers, as he is a proven inspiration to musicians, producers, dj’s and beat makers world wide. Since this is our 3rd compilation, and we have released the other two compilations exactly four months apart, that means that we have been doing our beat submissions process for an entire year! When we started the call for submissions, we knew we would get some great material, but who would have thought that we would have received enough material to release a different instrumental every week for over a year and counting? Not only have we had the blessing of exposing some great talents, we have also made some friends along the way, developing some great relationships with some of our participants. It has been a pleasure to be able to feature these producers’ great work, as well demonstrate the magnificence of Roy Ayers’ music and it’s ability to transcend cultures, languages, and nationalities. The beat submission compilations are proof of just that." - Roy Ayers Project

Download Vol.3
Download Vol.2
Download Vol.1

The Roy Ayers Project: Who Is Roy Ayers (Teaser)

Featuring (In Order of Appearance): Rich Medina (DJ/Producer) LA Jay (Producer) John B. Williams (Bassist for Roy Ayers in Early 70's) (Overlay) Questlove (Percussionist/DJ/Producer) (Overlaid) DJ Premier (Producer/DJ) Stalley & Curren$y (Right to Left) (Emcees) (Overlaid) Ski Beatz (Producer) DJ Center (DJ/Producer) (Overlaid) Andre Torres (Founder of WaxPoetics) Houseshoes (DJ/Producer) John B. Williams Ndugu Chancler (Percussionist/Professor) Production Credits: Producer: Haylow Overby
 Director: Haylow Overby, Ariel Nuñez
 Camera: Ariel Nuñez, Tony Ng
 Editor: Ariel Nunez Sound Mixer: Lalo Guzmán

, Ariel Nunez PA: Michael Austin, Juan Amador
 Motion Graphics: Aries Nuñez Music: Tall Black Guy 
 Special thanks to Derreck Johnson and Ndugu Chancler

© Roy Ayers Project, 2011


'Snow' is Mr Knyt's latest EP that he actually dropped in Dec and had many us vibing out to these soul filled gems. The EP has some great instrumentals and even features my Synoptic Records favorites, JND aka Jas0n & ExP and also Joe Gravity.
See the tags blow to link to KNYT's previous EP 'Fall'.

To keep you up to date with KNYT's work here is something that he dropped in the wee hours of this morning...

KNYT Bandcamp
KNYT Soundcloud

Monday, 23 April 2012

Breis - The Moving On Project

Just in from Breis ..brand spanking new project. I will confess I haven't heard this as he literally announced it this morning and then presented the link not five minutes ago, but just like how any movie starring Anthony Hopkins is worth a watch, I would say any project by Breis is worth a listen. I'll expect this to be very positive and uplifting.

New free (or name your price) download from Wizard, and I have to say this ish is bumpin' hard. I'm only four beats in as I type this but Wiz is continuously improving his sound project by project!

Slugga Tee - Passages From The Puddle

From the Millennium Jazz stable comes Slugga Tee and his solo E.P ‘Passages From The Puddle’ as with all of MJM’s material you know this is not just another boring release. Slugga combines the wit of the school reunion with painful topics such as custody battles and life’s struggles. Having built up his name with an abundance of features throughout the years, and a DJ Magazine sureshot single with his old crew 12” Matter he has now been rolling with the Millennium Jazz team and putting tracks out since 2009. Hailing from East Sussex, Slugga is a father, a rapper and possibly the craziest sane person in the game! creditsreleased 01 April 2012

Featuring artists: ReggiiMental, Gadget, Joey Gzus and Vivica All tracks produced by Gadget except S.O.S by Bushmeister J (Holland) and Who Ya Gonna Blame by Skinnista & Bushdog All scratches by DJ Louis Unseen All tracks mixed by Gadget except Who Ya Gonna Blame by Skinnista All tracks mastered by Skinnista Artwork by Baz Ill Brush

Friday, 13 April 2012


One of ther many experiments and project from NyMinD


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