Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Thorts aka Adrian Somerville - Louder ACTIONS are NEEDED

Via the powers of the 'World Wide Web' we take a trip down under with a simple click of a button and we're able to hear the sounds of 'Thorts' aka Adrian Somerville. In all honesty I am yet to listen to this thirteen track EP in it's entirety, but I am very familiar with 'Thorts' and his honest expression over dusty beats by 'Proph 1' who handles the majority of the productions on this project...

1. Photo feat. Aetcix & Isaiah Somerville Produced by Proph 1
2. Tristan da cunha Produced by Proph 1
3. Paige is in the muzik house (skit)
4. Aaron & Adrian feat. 1/6 Produced by Proph 1
5. The day I let the ink run away Produced by Efmp
6. Solitude feat. Kadyelle Produced by Proph 1
7. Flowers bloom but then they blemish Produced by Proph 1
8. Tribute Produced by Saint Surly
9. Armour feat. Reach Produced by Proph 1
10. Sunday morning mourning feat. Morgan Macmanus Produced by Proph 1
11. Clear as day & night feat. Aamir Produced by Proph 1

Download @mediafire

Thorts @myspace


M.A.B aka Most Annoying Bastard is an MC who's name is getting around quite a bit on the underground at the moment. This project shows the man in question getting right to the point with a demonstration of straight up Hip Hop, wordplay and flows over various concepts. Features include the likes of.. Ramson Badbonez, EdXL, Truth, J.C.A, Johnny Darko and Seapa Dee.

Download @zshare

M.A.B @myspace
Cranky Phatso @myspace

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Joker Starr - Exhibit D(iss) Smiler Reply

Joker Starr gives Smiler abit of a talking to in what I believe is the second offcial response to Smiler's 'Destroy & Rebuild' diss to various artists.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Soul Junkies - The Twilight Chorus

2.Twilight Chorus feat. Tenchoo, Durant, Ill Green, TnT, Aganize and Lainer
4.Estates feat. Matt Lewis
5.Flowers @ the End of the World feat. Aganze and Tenchoo
7.Taxi [skit] feat. Krux
8.Roll Thru
*Bonus Track
Cryptik Chordz feat. Verb T - Thiefs Theme

Download @sendspace

Soul Junkies @myspace
Shank Carvin @myspace

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Dusted Off: Jay Dee aka J Dilla 2003 interview

I always had this as an audio file but recently came across the actual vid on youtube and thought I'd up it to the 'Dusted Off' section. If for some reason you don't know about the classic Champion Sound project Jay is speaking about (Jay Dee & Madlib aka Jaylib) I'm sure you can find some of the tracks on youtube. Otherwise get yourself a copy and bounce!!

Friday, 19 March 2010

The Kemistry - The Jumble EP

The Kemistry have just dropped a freebie ep, with some previously released tracks and some new demo type tracks .. I can't big this up too much without sounding like a self promoting arse hole, so just download it, drop it on ya ipod, laugh at the artwork & have a listen and see what ya think fo ya self's .. Pz ..

01 . Window - The Tour EP
02 . mascot - The Kemistry EP
03 . Plugin Baby - Promo
04 . The Core Live - The Tour EP
05 . Shrinking Fear - The Kemistry EP
06 . The Mosquito Song - Cover Demo
07 . The Craving - Album Demo

The Kemistry Bio

The East London duo of vocalist/songwriter Kemi and Producer/Beat maker Bare Beats magnificently blend two disparate pools of musical influences and differences to create a new sounds that defies simple categorisation.

As journalists have attempted to slap ‘trip-hop’, ‘down tempo dub’, ‘dub’ and many more, the truth is the only way to describe The Kemistry sound is to call it...The Kemistry sound.

Rocking shows with a live backing band and frequently collaboration with MCs, The Kemistry have created and intense buzz in the UK underground music scene, solidified with the release of their 2009 EP 'The Tour', and their follow up single 'The Core'

The Kemistry @facebook
The Kemistry @myspace

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Wizard - Chill Pill Instrumentals

01. Call My Name
02. Got It On Lock
03. Rhodes
04. What Now
05. Your Name?
06. Cold City
07. Whole
08. No More
09. You Never Left
10. Good With Those
11. Zone-D
12. Sea Breeze (Do It)
13. I Remember
14. Isaac
15. Swerve That
16. Green
17. AndOne
18. Leave With Me
19. Without Love

Download @usershare

Friday, 12 March 2010

Karl Hinds - ETHER 2010 - Smiler reponse

Karl Hinds responds to Smiler's 'Destroy & Rebuild' track where Smiler "spits" on many of who are known as UKHH's pioneers. He even goes as far to call Mr Hinds "washed up" which fulled him to drop Ether 2010.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Rick Mal - The Rixtape

‘The Rixtape’ has arrived… Mal aka Rick Mal comes with an 18 tracker of pure “laid back funk” for us to sit back and nod our heads to. The Bolton/Manchester based MC is a fine lyricist with clever rhymes and wordplay that will swiftly usher you on to come to this very conclusion yourself.
Mal is also hands on with the production side of things and either produces or had a hand in building eleven of beats of this “Rixtape”, otherwise reaching out to local up and coming peers Dweller (of Simple Samples) and Professor P (Don’t Flop).

Expect the sounds to vary between raw and dusty, laidback, funky, soulful, jazzy and other. Besides two, err ...let’s say "cameos" from North-West’s MC Scrabble (of Simple Samples) and Dweller, Mal steps to all 18 songs without guest any guest appearances. Rather like a lot of artists used to do on their debut projects.

Download @mediafire

Friday, 5 March 2010

DJ Sach - R.I.P Def Jux Mix

Originally posted @ Passion Of The Weiss

1 Company Flow ft Ill Bill - Simian Drugs
2. Cannibal Ox - Iron Galaxy
3. Aesop Rock ft C-Rayz Walz - Bent Life
4. Mr Lif ft Aesop Rock - Success
5. El-P - Squeegee man shooting (Remix)
6. Cannibal Ox - The F Word (RJD2 Remix)
7. Camu Tao - Hold the Floor
8. Aesop Rock - NY Electric
9. Cannibal Ox ft El-P - Ridiculoid
10. El-P ft Camu Tao - Accidents don’t happen
11. Aesop Rock - Catacomb Kids
12. Cage ft El-P - Oxycontins Pt 2
13. RJD2 - Rain
14. RJD2 - The Horror
15. Mr Lif ft El-P - I Phantom
16. Aesop Rock - Daylight
17. Aesop Rock - Nightlight
18. El-P - Deep Space 9MM
19. Mr Lif - Return of the B-Boy Pt 2
20. El-P - Poisenville Kids No Win
21. RJD2 - Here’s what’s left


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Dan Bull - Dear Auntie (an open letter to the BBC)

Written and performed by Dan Bull
Produced by Zaheer

Download the mp3 @mediafire

Follow the campaign @www.love6music.com

Sign the petition @www.petition.fm/petitions/6musicasiannet

Dan Bull @twitter
Dan Bull @facebook
Dan Bull @myspace

Zaheer @twitteer
Zaheer @facebook


Dear Auntie Beeb,

Don't take away our radio. We need a place - a place to go, where we can play our favourite shows. Don't take away our radio.

When I first heard the word about BBC 6 I thought, "this is absurd, is the BBC sick?" It rocked the airwaves enough to keep me seasick, but it's the first to get sunk - can we believe it? And I thought pirates were meant to be the problem, but obviously not 'cause your lot's already got some. Doctor, doctor, what's your option; what are you going to drop from the roster to cost cut?

The Asian Network plays the best work of a strain of the nation that strains to get heard, and now you're severing the nerves of a massive demographic. It's not a very clever tactic, is it? The last bastions of unsigned action, independents depend on it for traction. Ask Lamacq or Bobby Friction for his reaction - my prediction isn't one of satisfaction. Do the maths, it's a simple subtraction: take away the stations and you chase away the talent.

Listening figures isn't your biggest purpose, it's first and foremost to provide public service. I'm not saying other stations are worthless, but adverts are adverse and make me nervous. We deserve to have a say in what we'd like to see - I mean after all, we pay the licence fee.

Don't take away our favourite shows. Don't take away our radio. Don't take away our favourite shows. Don't take away our radio.

You need to appeal to the people that feel John Peel, and want to keep it real. So please, pretty Beeb, we appeal for a new deal - we'd be pleased if the spiel was repealed. D.B. sees what's needed to escape from the danger zone: more DAB radios in the nation's homes. The audience is there, they just need connecting, in the same way your arrangement needs correcting.

Next thing on the list that's vexing bloody everybody is you spending money like it's never ending. Even a yellow bellied Teletubby could tell us it's crazy, Laa-Laa; Lady Gaga. Pay me half of what you pay to Clarkson - I'll be laughing like I can't keep a straight face, straight up. If there's a budgetary deficit to make up, then wake up and give Big Jeremy a pay cut.

Don't take away our favourite shows. Don't take away our radio. Don't take away our favourite shows. Don't take away our radio.

There's enough talent out here for like forty channels, but we only get to hear the top forty sellers. You're running it like Basil does to Fawlty Towers - literally - ask Andrew Sachs, he could talk for hours about how he was pushed about as Manuel, then Johnny Ross and Russell Brand did it as well. Man, Johnny Rotten wouldn't slag the living Hell out of an old man's grandkid on his cell. Well, if Russell Brand and the six million dollar man are the cream of the crop then you can hang the DJ.

* Radio 1 - sweet for teenagers
* Radio 2 - great if you're really ancient
* Radio 3 - for those of a refined taste
* Radio 4 - all talking and giant brains
* Radio 5 - only sport fans are tuned in
* Radio 6 - it's the music we're losing

Don't take away our radio. We will complain until you know it's a mistake - I'm afraid so. Don't take away our radio.


Monday, 1 March 2010

Guru (from Gang Starr) in coma

Copy & pasted from: www.guardian.co.uk

Rapper Guru is reported to be in a coma after suffering a heart attack yesterday (Sunday 28 February). The 43-year-old is set to undergo surgery today at a hospital in New York.

The rapper's condition was confirmed by DJ Premier, his partner in the seminal hip-hop group Gang Starr, in a phonecall to radio show Hip Hop Nation yesterday. He is reported as ssaying: "Guru is in a coma and will go under surgery tomorrow afternoon."

Guru, born Keith Alam, rose to prominence as an MC in the 80s. Known for his distinctive voice and intelligent rhymes, he released a string of hits with Gang Starr, including Words I Manifest, Just to Get Rep and Full Clip.

The duo were reportedly on indefinite hiatus after 2003 album The Ownerz, with Guru and DJ Premier giving conflicting messages about their future. However, Guru recently hinted on Twitter that he and DJ Premier were set to release new Gang Starr material imminently.

Guru is best known for his work on Jazzmatazz, a hip-hop and jazz fusion project that has yielded four albums and numerous tours. The group's booking agent confirmed that a number of forthcoming Jazzmatazz live dates have now been put on hold


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