Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Rah Digga - This Ain't No Lil Kid Rap + Redman Rmx

Yeah mang, Rah Digga aka Dirty Harriet is back and sounding pretty dame serious if you ask me. She's teamed up with Nottz (think 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Scarface, Kanye West) who handles full production on Rah's 'Classic' LP. I've only heard two or so tracks so far but I'm liking what I'm hearing so far. Here's the said single and remix featuring fellow Brick City veteran, Redman....

Friday, 24 September 2010

Dusted Off pt6 Tupac, Stetsasonic & Pharcyde

No long explanation, these were just today's plays. They take me back to a summer in the 90's where these came on after one another on a more respected MTV or The Box ..."Music Television YOU Control", remember that ish?

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Dusted Off pt5: Astrud Gilberto, Cut Chemist, Amy Winehouse & Black Eyed Peas

This evening I began with the music, then I went on to reading up on the talented and very lovely Astrud Gilberto and I was surprised about how much music she's put out over the years. I've Dug out a few LP's in my travels but reading about some of her movements lead me to say a simple "ya damn right", about her receiving the 'Latin Jazz USA Award For Lifetime Achievement' in 1992, then later being added to the 'Latin Jazz Music's Hall Of Fame' only eight years ago (2002). There's is plenty more for you to find on this veteran, like... she recorded her songs in over seven different languages. If that's not impressive I don't know what is...

Anyway, similar to 'Dusted Off pt4' it's all about two of my favorite tracks which were inspired by Astrud Gilberto.

First up we have 'Berimbau' which Cut Chemist went on to sample the vocals from to make 'The Garden' for his 'The Audience Is Listening' LP...

Now we've got Astrud's 'Who Can I Turn To' which Will-I-Am understandably so samples the intro for 'Like That' ft full B.E.P's squad, Cee-Lo, Talib Kweli Q-Tip and John Legend. Don't be surprised if you hear me get some artists for my own version, the track is just asking for it...

Last minute entry, not a favorite like that last two but I can't forget the 1964 classic by Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz, 'The Girl From Ipenema' which was used for Any Whinehouse's 'Cherry'...


Remove The Gag - Wizard Remix: Ill Bill, Wordsworth & Verbal Kent

Monday, 13 September 2010

Diligent Fingers and Ed XL The Redemption Mixtape

S?ynal Records & Abnoxshuz Entertainment present Diligent Fingers & Ed XL...

'The Redemption Mixtape' is the first of many collaborative projects from these 2 talented artists. Both artists pull no punches with their honest lyrics and sung choruses which make up these 12 tracks of heartfelt music, The Redemption Mixtape. Available for free download @ Bandcamp

Dan Bull - Dear Benny [an open letter to the Pope]

For more on the subject see the BBC iPlayer for this weeks (13th September) Panorama

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Grand Spectacular - Being A Dickhead's Cool

YES you have the correct blog, we're taking five for abit of comedy. This vid has been floating round the net and making many of laugh for last two days, in which time it has gained 750,000+ views in that time. I wouldn't be surprised if it pops up on Channel 4's Rude Tube as it's so popular.

Anyway, let me not be a 'Dickhead' and ramble on any longer!!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Jabba The Kut - Once Upon A Crossfade

<a href="http://jabbathakut.bandcamp.com/album/once-upon-a-crossfade">Once Upon A Crossfade by JABBATHAKUT - INFEKSHUS RECORDS</a>

1.Jabbathakut – record enthusiasts scratch skit
2.Dabbla,Cobes & Stig Of The Dump – Tear The Roof Off
3.Genesis Elijah & Coree Richards – Tonight
4.Yaeo & Wordsmith – Standing In The Dark
5.Influx – Sky High
6.Suparnovar – All Alone
7.Mikey T – Push Push
8.Jabbathakut feat Grazzhoppa,2Tall,Dj JS-1,Nonames & Dj Skully – Super Crew
9.Conspicuous The Coroner & Cobane – Sum 1 Else (# 1 version)
10.Daimon Johnson – Essence
11.Lyrical T – Rock Mics
12.A.C – Take A Stand (Jabbathakut Remix)
13.Jabz Beat Skit # 1
14.M.A.B – Get Ya Live-O
15.Prominent Sons – Force (R.I.P Petey)
16.Manny Moscow – Last Breath
17.Skilf – Cold World
18.Jabbathakut feat Envious Mind,Dj JS-1,Dj Illnaughty & Grazzhoppa – 100 Handclap
19.Jabz Beat Skit # 2
20.Yaeo & Wordsmith – We’ve Been Through It
21.Kulez,Swift It Major,Dubar,Lixx The Warrior,Gadget Da Wordsmith & Lyrical T – The Platform Crew
22.Swift It Major – Sum 1 Else (# 2 version)
23.Jabbathakut – Fuck Wot U Heard!
24.Gadget Da Wordsmith & Floetic Lara – New Born Queen
25.Inja & Mr.Thing – Injaman & Jabba

Jam Baxter - Barrel Eye Spook Fish - Prod Pete Cannon

Download @sendspace

Mowgli - Six Stages ft Jam Baxter

Friday, 3 September 2010

9th Wonder & James Peterson talk Hip Hop at Duke University: A must see!

A must see for anyone who considers themselves of the 'Hip Hop' community. Catch up on the Duke University discussion with 9th Wonder, James Peterson and Mark Anthony Neal as they talk on the classic 'Illmatic', Nas, DJ Premier, Rakim and many others.

Wizard - Beat Fanatic Batch 2010

Words by Wizard... New batch of beats there all for sale so if your interested in anything or have any questions about prices etc. please contact me on kindlanpiss@hotmail.co.uk ENJOY!!

<a href="http://osbz.bandcamp.com/album/beat-fanatic-batch">Big Love by OSB'z</a>

Dusted Off pt4: The Beatles, Junior Parker, Cypress Hill

I'm sure many would have their own opinions on sampling and music covers etc, all of which would make for a damn good conversation. For me at this present time I am loving how the inspiration (not biting, there's a difference ya know) given off by one song can be tracked through the decades and be responsible for influencing another even with having no direct link.

Here we have The Beatles's 'Taxman' which was later to be covered with a funky soul twist by Junior Parker (and Band), which then went on to inspire Cypress Hill's 'I Wanna Get High' with a loop taken *hmm, strong word* from Mr Parker's version by DJ Muggs most likely. Lord knows how many other "green thumbed" artists were influenced by this track in one way or another ;0)

But the question is, would Cypress Hill have come with that song without the Liverpudlian lads ever doing 'Taxman' in the first place??? hmmmmm........

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Fun With Dumb - Dumbfoundead & DJ Zo

<a href="http://dumbfoundead.com/album/fun-with-dumb">Intro by Dumbfoundead</a>

Chaundon - Baby Making Music

Excellent album!! Not much more to say on this one. My personal favorites have to be 'We Don't Need' and 'Husky' which is a very well executed concept. That said, the whole LP is pretty flawless.

<a href="http://chaundon.bandcamp.com/album/baby-making-music">Intro by CHAUNDON</a>


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