Friday, 29 May 2009

Dan Bull - Safe

"Safe" is a very fitting title for this one as it's quite the treat and you're in very 'safe' hands with a Dan Bull project. This is a very easy and soothing listen and I believe that this is one of the most well rounded artists you'll come across. Mr Bull holds down all of his own productions, he sings, plays the Guitar and he raps with such an ability that to simply say "he raps" leaves me feeling like I haven't told the whole truth.
I highly recommend 'Summer' which is one of my all time favorites from this artist.

UK residents can mail order the album on CD for £5 [free p&p] at Freshnut/Shop/
If you live outside the UK, you'll be able to mail order CD copies in the very near future from:Dan Bull @CD Baby
Download the album for free in mp3 format [128 kbps] at Megaupload

Dan Bull @myspace

In The Lab pt1 - feat Gadget

Deeflux - Weapons Of Mass Disruption

Weapons Of Mass Disruption mixtape by Deeflux who's coming straight out of Farnborough. He's representing for Concentricks, Beat Down Collective, Oddio Kin, F.A.N Records & recently Millennium Jazz. I will simply say "go and check the mixtape for yourself" cos I for one have been really into this brotha's music after being introduced to him by my boy and Birmingham based producer JustAnotherDj who sent me a song called 'Futile' which features Deflux. So go check that...check this... then check yo'self!!

F.A.N Records 2009
All tracks recorded and mixed by Brother Beatbox @ the chateau except "Serious" recorded and mixed by Doug @ the cave
All tracks mastered by Brother Beatbox @ the Chateau
Art work by DJ La Fours:
All beats are "fucking stolen...not happy with one!" he says!!

Deflux @myspace

Louisunseen - Never Unheard EP

Louisunseen, a Bristol based DMC DJ and Producer holding it down for Millennium Jazz Music & the Royal Gravy production team, also known for working in partnership with DJ Jeckal and Sons OF South.

This EP features the vocal talents of... MP3dom (Sound Science), Verbal Remedy and Mr Prophecy (of S.O.S), Doobs and Hannah C (of Underground Alliance).

Louisunseen @myspace
Millennium Jazz Music @myspace

R.O.T.L.A - The Most High EP

R.O.T.L.A aka Raiders Of The Lost Art consisting of two rapper/beat maker Barry Valentine, rapper/beat maker/sound engineer Zero Degrees, alongside Mc/freestyler/sound engineer J-LeeN. The Most High EP offers all production from Barry Valentine as J-LeeN takes to the mic over a Hip Hop, Jazz and Soul fusion. Barry Valentine also steps to the mic to verse some strong lyricism on ' Embrace'.

1. Most High ft J-LeeN & Gadget
2. Embrace ft Barry Valentine, J-LeeN & Kyra UK
3. Don't Wanna Be Waste ft J-LeeN & Kyra UK
4. See Clear ft J-LeeN & Klarity

NLT Productions

The Most High - The Title Track from ROTLA (Raider's of the Lost Arts) Th Most High EP. Beat Made by Barry Valentine, Vocals By LeeN and additional Vocals By Gadget of Millennium Jazz Music.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Off Tha Top - pt1

Who's Rhyme Is It Anyway? feautring J-LeeN, Serocee, Kosher and Adelaide MacKenzie.

A completely improvised Hip-Hop theatre show, showcasing the best UK Hip-Hop talent. The audience challenges performers to create a song from a number of situations, scenarios, objects and they even play roles as specific characters in given scenarios while staying rhyme. hmm impressive huh? check it out!!!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Lost Generation ft Reggiimental - Everythings So Clear

This is a quality release from Rusty Jukebox Records which has T.L.G teaming up with Reggiimental to make this 10 tracker something really worthy of a spot in your collection. Production is duties are shared between various names you may or may not have heard of, and the whole project was mixed and mastered by OJB for 'Mix For Me'. Amazingly all this is available to us with no charge ...unlike your typical Jukebox you mite say.

1. Intro - Prod Konn
2. Hold Your Head - Prod 2nd Suzpect
3. Grown Man ft Ras Supa - Prod Archimage
4. Let Me Be ft Ras Supa, S.C, Bigga, Joe Gutta, Rukus - Prod Lazy
5. Blacklist ft Ras Supa - Prod Migs
6. No Time To Waste ft Ras Supa - Prod Arkreatek
7. Give Me Strength ft S.C. - Prod Eyebs
8. The Key - Prod Eyebs
9. Never - Prod Eyebs
10. Outro - Prod Eyebs

T.L.G @ myspace
Reggiimental @ myspace

Monday, 18 May 2009

Jimmy Crackstar - Teeth EP

Teeth EP (if I'm not mistaken) is Jimmy Crackstar's second release. The first being the 'What Were You Expecting' EP that sits on the shelf before me ;0) I've always had alot of respect for the young brotha, from way back when he and partner in rhyme Suicyde use to be double teaming battlers. But hey, back in now... this time round Jim experiments with his hands deep in the Jazz crates and moulding some classic and old skool breaks into that Jimmy Crackstar funk. Only two features on this one, from the likes of good friend Imranimal of the Shedmen, and Pez from Skrimshank.

1. Teeth
2. The Bad Side of Being Good
3. Talk is Cheap ft Pez
4. Mother Sun Complex
5. You Don't Have to Listen Interlude
6. On My Mind
7. Popular Vultures ft Imranimal
8. We All Fall

*Bonus Track* - 36 Reasons

Produced, mixed and performed by Jimmy Crackstar

Jimmy Crackstar @ myspace

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Just Above The Blues EP

This laid back Hip Hop & Jazz fusion has a positive anti gun crime message throughout this gathering of artists. This project is a collaboration between the two stables of Millennium Jazz Music and No Long Ting Productions.

Prevention Enforcement & Punishment (Intro) - Feat Gadget
Death Pours - Feat J-LeeN, MSJ, Klarity, Ama & KyraUK
Free Our Minds - Feat Klarity, Serocee & KyraUK
Idle Minds - Feat Serocee, J-LeeN & KyraUK
Finding Me (Outro) - Feat Gadget

All tracks produced by Gadget for Millennium Jazz Music
All tracks mixed and mastered by J-LeeN for No Long Ting Productions, except track 05 mixed by Gadget.
All graphics designed by Fraser Lyness for Millennium Jazz Music



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