Friday, 29 May 2009

Dan Bull - Safe

"Safe" is a very fitting title for this one as it's quite the treat and you're in very 'safe' hands with a Dan Bull project. This is a very easy and soothing listen and I believe that this is one of the most well rounded artists you'll come across. Mr Bull holds down all of his own productions, he sings, plays the Guitar and he raps with such an ability that to simply say "he raps" leaves me feeling like I haven't told the whole truth.
I highly recommend 'Summer' which is one of my all time favorites from this artist.

UK residents can mail order the album on CD for £5 [free p&p] at Freshnut/Shop/
If you live outside the UK, you'll be able to mail order CD copies in the very near future from:Dan Bull @CD Baby
Download the album for free in mp3 format [128 kbps] at Megaupload

Dan Bull @myspace

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