Friday, 29 May 2009

Deeflux - Weapons Of Mass Disruption

Weapons Of Mass Disruption mixtape by Deeflux who's coming straight out of Farnborough. He's representing for Concentricks, Beat Down Collective, Oddio Kin, F.A.N Records & recently Millennium Jazz. I will simply say "go and check the mixtape for yourself" cos I for one have been really into this brotha's music after being introduced to him by my boy and Birmingham based producer JustAnotherDj who sent me a song called 'Futile' which features Deflux. So go check that...check this... then check yo'self!!

F.A.N Records 2009
All tracks recorded and mixed by Brother Beatbox @ the chateau except "Serious" recorded and mixed by Doug @ the cave
All tracks mastered by Brother Beatbox @ the Chateau
Art work by DJ La Fours:
All beats are "fucking stolen...not happy with one!" he says!!

Deflux @myspace

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