Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New ShaoDow mixtape... 'That's MR ShaoDow To You'

Mr ShaoDow Hello, this is Mr ShaoDow, thank you for showing an interest in my brand new mixtape "That's MR ShaoDow To You".
I'm an unsigned solo artist but I work hard with my music, my new mixtape contains a selection of some of my favourite songs that I have worked on, and a range of styles from Hip Hop to Rock to Dubstep to Grime.

Ultimately I'm trying to make some intelligent, inspiring music, the mixtape is only £6 including postage and packaging. If you would like a signed copy please let me know.

...say's the man himself. Also lookout for Mr ShaoDow and his squad headlining ar the O2 Academy in Oxford on Saturday 5th of September. see http://www.rustoopid.co.uk for more details.

1) Intro
2) That's MR ShaoDow
3) R U Stoopid!?! (featuring LeeN)
4) Mouth Cancer
5) We Live It (featuring LeeN, produced by Gadget)
6) Tim£ I$ Mon£y
7) Rap Superstar Remix
8) DJ Barenoise Skit
9) Cockney Thug
10) The British Are Coming
11) Look Out (Rock Remix)
12) I'm A...
13) Don't Sleep (featuring LeeN, produced by Gadget)
14) BONUS:- CH 2 CR (Offkey and Mr Bo)
15) BONUS:- Jah Is Watching (Asher Dust and Meef Chaloin)
16) BONUS:- Westwood Interview

This CD contains some additional extras which can be viewed when it is inserted into a computer

ShaoDow @myspace
Shaodow @facebook

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