Wednesday, 2 September 2009


1. Jabbathakut scratch intro
2. Hat Low by Inja feat Skinnyman & Fallacy
3. Police Polizia by Alborosie(Noah D remix)
4. Not Alone by Olive(Dubstep remix)
5. Reach by Skrein
6. Say Something by Menace Kidd
7. Double Time Rhymer by Mr.Meterz feat Jabbathakut
8. Writing In The Sky by Charles Hamilton
9. Evaridae by O.C feat Pharoahe Monch
10. True Love by Apathy feat Phonte
11. I Love Women by Skillit
12. Marcus Garvey by Dynamite MC
13. I Sit Alone by Relent feat Farma G, Coherent Motion, Billy Butler Yates & DJ Para
14. Stunnin' by OSB'Z
15. Rockstar by DR Freud
16. Now You Know by Beit Nun feat Pacewon & Jabbathakut
17. Grim Reaper by Terra Slim
18. Rak Of Taiko

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