Thursday, 17 September 2009

OBBA SUPA vs Floating Points

This is an 100% unofficial bootleg of Floating Points “Maida Vale” sessions on Giles Petersons radio one worldwide show, the Obba Supa was so mesmerized with the session that they had to do something with it and on that night they did and this is the result. Heyzeus created his on style with drumlines & arrangments on the sessions.. Floating Points played keys on “Chanelist part one” and “Chanelist part 2 (snapshot)” featuring Ray Vendetta which is on Obba Supa debut To:AM / Free:AM on Project: Mooncircle. Check Floating Points releases on Planet Mu and Eglo records. On 07/09/09 he will be releasing The Vacuum ep on Eglo records, go get that! FREE Download: Obba Supa v.s Floating Points.

Download @Project: Mooncircle
Obba Supa @myspace

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