Saturday, 26 December 2009

Diggaz Love Lab Offs 6 (6 Tones)

Easy all, Happy Christmas and all that Jazz. I was surprised we got beats in over this holiday period, but yep, we got 9 so lets get to it.

Tritone laced us with six samples for Lab Off pt6. As usual you could have taken parts from one sample, combined them, as well as use additional sounds from vst's, synths and even other samples. But the main sample had to have came from at least one of the tracks provided.

Deadline: was 11:59pm Saturday 26th December 2009

Next Lab Off soon come, with samples provided by Dan Bull...

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Diggaz Love said...

B Ramsey: Big up for using that sample, I thought it had something special about it and would have given it a try myself had I not felt the sample I used. Drums are solid and you have various sequences going on with the samples, which is good.

Bare Beats: Very uptempo lickle number which again proves that you can make various sequences out of almost anything. I like how it goes to the “I’m black and I’m proud”, then has a slight break before moving on.

DJ Jabba Tha Kut: There’s that sample again… good work with the sample arrangement Jabz. I’m not feeling the drums, as they could of used some more work especially with the hi hats = if they had various velocities the drums would have felt less quantized. But again, the sample work was on point.

Irie-1: Lots of sequences in this one, so big up Irie. Again I thought the drums could of used some more time, more so on the mix = kick is solid, but the snare is a few tweaks away from complete, and the hats could do with some variation and less volume maybe.

LISN: Props for this one. I found this very catchy and it had me singing gibberish. A good mix, very solid drums and bass, as well as there being quite abit going on sequence wise. Nice!!

Louisunseen: I always forget the name of this sample, but it has so much to use and yet I never know where to go with it cos I love the listening to original so much. But, you do your thing Louis. This instrumental tells a story with it’s arrangement. I think its good just as an instrumental too. It’s very thought provoking too.

Mal: This one is kinda hard to judge cos on one hand I’m not feeling it straight off, but on the other it’s from an emcee who has just turned his hand to beat making and is managing to drop beats after sampling tracks he himself hasn’t selected. Ya gotta respect that. Overall, a real funky number. I can hear you sampled from more than one track, and you have a lot of sample stabs, you have an arrangement and even a chorus etc. So, though the sounds aren’t really grabbing me I can still hear a lot of tricks and time went into this, so big up Mal.

Wizard: I think 777 said it best in that you are “probably the most consistent”. To be picky I’d say you should of considered pitching down the snare or EQing it to sit better with the rest of your mix. But big riddim all the same. I think your game has got even tighter now that you’ve got the synth locked down too. Good work.

For me it's a shared vote for LISN & Wizard


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