Friday, 8 January 2010

Funky DL 'Back To Frank' (Amy Winehouse flip)

This is an excellent project, DL basically flipped Amy Winehouse's 'Frank' album. This is genuis right from the title 'Back To Frank' all the way through to the outro. The funky one not only samples the music but he has various vocal parts included as a part of the each songs concept or as a chorus. After my listen I had to go and give the man his props, especially after hearing 'But That's Not Me' which my favorite at the moment. DL tells me "..tried to do something creative, but leave it open to everyones imagination what the scenario is or ends up to be". I say he did just that.

Check this out and let the brotha know your thoughts on his myspace blog

Download 'Back To Frank'
Funky DL @myspace

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