Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Rick Mal - The Rixtape

‘The Rixtape’ has arrived… Mal aka Rick Mal comes with an 18 tracker of pure “laid back funk” for us to sit back and nod our heads to. The Bolton/Manchester based MC is a fine lyricist with clever rhymes and wordplay that will swiftly usher you on to come to this very conclusion yourself.
Mal is also hands on with the production side of things and either produces or had a hand in building eleven of beats of this “Rixtape”, otherwise reaching out to local up and coming peers Dweller (of Simple Samples) and Professor P (Don’t Flop).

Expect the sounds to vary between raw and dusty, laidback, funky, soulful, jazzy and other. Besides two, err ...let’s say "cameos" from North-West’s MC Scrabble (of Simple Samples) and Dweller, Mal steps to all 18 songs without guest any guest appearances. Rather like a lot of artists used to do on their debut projects.

Download @mediafire

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