Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Thorts aka Adrian Somerville - Louder ACTIONS are NEEDED

Via the powers of the 'World Wide Web' we take a trip down under with a simple click of a button and we're able to hear the sounds of 'Thorts' aka Adrian Somerville. In all honesty I am yet to listen to this thirteen track EP in it's entirety, but I am very familiar with 'Thorts' and his honest expression over dusty beats by 'Proph 1' who handles the majority of the productions on this project...

1. Photo feat. Aetcix & Isaiah Somerville Produced by Proph 1
2. Tristan da cunha Produced by Proph 1
3. Paige is in the muzik house (skit)
4. Aaron & Adrian feat. 1/6 Produced by Proph 1
5. The day I let the ink run away Produced by Efmp
6. Solitude feat. Kadyelle Produced by Proph 1
7. Flowers bloom but then they blemish Produced by Proph 1
8. Tribute Produced by Saint Surly
9. Armour feat. Reach Produced by Proph 1
10. Sunday morning mourning feat. Morgan Macmanus Produced by Proph 1
11. Clear as day & night feat. Aamir Produced by Proph 1

Download @mediafire

Thorts @myspace

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