Monday, 19 April 2010

Jack Flash - The Sound Of Colours EP

<a href="">The Sound Of Colours by Jack Flash</a>

1. The Sound Of Colours 03:27
2. King Of The Hill 05:55
3. Jack Iron Flash 01:49
4. Harass The City 03:30
5. Too Much Make Up 03:55
6. Jack Flash feat Thabo - Slow Down 04:03
7. ReaperSession 02:01
8. BROKE 03:35
9. Square One 05:18
10. Keep On Dancing 04:54
11. First Impressions 04:47
12. Extra Curricular - Where The Problem Lies 03:38
13. Writing On The Wall 03:03
14. Turn It Up 03:59

DOWNLOAD TRACKS 1-9 FREE or get all 14 tracks here, including the 5 bonus tracks for £3.95 and support Jack Flash to put another project out!

I named this project "The Sound Of Colours" because in a nutshell i see an overwhelming colour somewhere in my mind whenever i hear any music. So if that is the colour of sound, then this is the Sound Of Colours. This is my latest material and is a precursor to a new album i am working on now. These tracks are some of my favourite ive ever made. I try to supply a cross section of mood and feeling when i put together a project as well as open up content so the songs arent all about the same subject and i have covered that here. I kept the bulk of the project free so anyone and everyone can share this. The idea is let you take this and do what you want with it and if you like the sound of the other tracks and or you want to support me then there are 5 tracks which you can also buy for a dirt cheap price. I can assure you every sale means something! I sincerely hope you enjoy, beginning to end, and hit me up at Jack Flash @facebook with feedback and questions. Peace

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