Monday, 3 May 2010

Mr ShaoDow - ©opyright Infringement

Mr ShaoDow says...

"As a thank you for all the support I've been receiving as well as an informal introduction to those who haven't heard me I put together a short mixtape called ©opyright Infringement. Think of it as an exclusive look into my personal training ground."

1) ©opyright Infringement Intro
2) I'll Phone You
3) The Lyricist
4) The Bullspit Stopper (skit)
5) Bullspit
6) Y.B.P (feat. Abiade and LeeN)
7) Don't Stop Remix
8) Knock 'Em Out
9) Rolling Blackouts (Preview)

Original tracks produced by Dr Dre, Nocturnal, Dilla, Sticky, Focus, Gadget and Rolling Blackouts produced by Picturehouse


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