Wednesday, 19 May 2010

R.I.P Vincent Sotelo aka V.I

I just heard the sad news that my old friend and brother, Vincent Sotelo aka V.I passed away on Monday 5th April 2010, due to health problems. This brother, Son and Father was a very talented and well respected Hip Hop artist and producer from Oxnard, CA, USA who I was lucky enough to work with on several occasions since we met at least ten years ago.

V.I was a good and generous friend who always had my back and supported me whether I needed him to vocal or produce tracks. We also helped each other to network in our own countries and get our names out to the UK, US and most recently France with tracks like ‘Oh Yeah’ feat Gadget & Joe Gutta produced by V.I released one HHB Radio vol1, ‘Ancient Structures’ ft V.I, Gadget & Suicyde produced and released by The Specialists (North Carolina), not to mention ‘Sex, Drugs, Lust and Play’ ft V.I, Gadget and Jabba Tha Kut ..where V started the unshakable stigma by calling me the UK Nate Dogg *KMT*

I consider myself lucky to have known V, my only regret is that I didn’t take him up on his invite to fly over to stay with him and his family in California and have a jam session on the MPC’s, an ASR PRO and possibly an SP1200. My thoughts goes out to the Sotelo family, may they all find their peace in time. Respect to all who are still bumping V.I music (word to 8bza G), beats ...lord knows there’s a lot of it.
If needed see links below for V.I material and experimental work.

Rest In Peace bredrin… I’ll be missing our talks when insomnia strikes!!



Ja said...

Vincent and I worked on several songs together several years back.

I was and still am impressed by his talent. He will be missed, but never forgotten.


Diggaz Love said...

Well said J. I do recall some of the gems guys did together!


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