Monday, 10 May 2010

Sinuous - Throwbacks

Artist/Producer, Sinuous laces us with 'Throwbacks' which is a collection of tracks that he say's "..didn't make the official releases...", and wow what a collection. This brotha has been one of my favorite producers/artists since I first stumbled upon his music three or so years ago. For me Sinuous takes Hip Hop/Jazz to a new level by keeping a classic Jazz feel as well as keeping the head nodding raw Hip Hop elements without compromising either ingredient. For an example see In The Lab pt2 featuring Sinuous building beats in his studio. Otherwise download 'Throwbacks' via the links below ...I highly recommend this one!!

Download @megaupload
Download @zshare

Sinuous @myspace
Sinuous 'beats' @myspace

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Anonymous said...

Great album. Download it free at


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