Friday, 3 September 2010

Dusted Off pt4: The Beatles, Junior Parker, Cypress Hill

I'm sure many would have their own opinions on sampling and music covers etc, all of which would make for a damn good conversation. For me at this present time I am loving how the inspiration (not biting, there's a difference ya know) given off by one song can be tracked through the decades and be responsible for influencing another even with having no direct link.

Here we have The Beatles's 'Taxman' which was later to be covered with a funky soul twist by Junior Parker (and Band), which then went on to inspire Cypress Hill's 'I Wanna Get High' with a loop taken *hmm, strong word* from Mr Parker's version by DJ Muggs most likely. Lord knows how many other "green thumbed" artists were influenced by this track in one way or another ;0)

But the question is, would Cypress Hill have come with that song without the Liverpudlian lads ever doing 'Taxman' in the first place??? hmmmmm........

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