Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sirael - The Sorcerer EP Launch

A big show went down last night at Club 333, Old St, Shoreditch... big up to Sirael on the launch of 'The Sorcerer' EP!!

It was a packed out Jazz, Latin and Junlge DnB party which was kicked off by the ‘7Suns’ band opening up for Sirael, her band and seasoned guests including vocals from Sofia Rubina... (Estonia), Trumpet from Abraham Wilson, followed by a small beatboxing segment which progressed into more of Sirael’s yet to be released material as the crowd cheered and danced through the assortment of Jazz and DnB. After the band was introduced and each performed a flawless solo the crowd and band members interrupted the show momentarily to sing (and play) “Happy Birthday Sirael” before she closed the performance with the EP title track ‘The Sorcerer’, then mingling with her guests and fans. The party continued strong into the early hours and concluded with a bass heavy two hours of old skool Jungle DnB back to back set from DJ Smiley & Gadget.

Free copies of ‘The Sorcerer’ EP were available on entry and throughout the night. If you’d like a copy make contact at

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