Thursday, 6 January 2011

Love Exposure - Ackryte, Broke & Repeat Pattern

Words from the trio's Bandcamp...

"Love Exposure is the result of a great collaboration between Ackryte (USA) , Broke (USA) and Repeat Pattern (Japan). Two Beatmakers and one MC/Beatmaker to set fire to your ears! This splendid album will allow you to smoothly enter the extraordinary atmosphere that is this exclusively fresh album. A passion for Jazz and Beats brought together by these three young artists to build this project that restores all the letters of nobility to HipHop and Rap! It's a gift that the Cascade Records family wanted to give to you for this years end, which is also a foretelling of the year to come (we have a lot of cool upcoming projects!). Real shit is alive cats!! Thanks guys, support it!"

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