Monday, 23 April 2012

Slugga Tee - Passages From The Puddle

From the Millennium Jazz stable comes Slugga Tee and his solo E.P ‘Passages From The Puddle’ as with all of MJM’s material you know this is not just another boring release. Slugga combines the wit of the school reunion with painful topics such as custody battles and life’s struggles. Having built up his name with an abundance of features throughout the years, and a DJ Magazine sureshot single with his old crew 12” Matter he has now been rolling with the Millennium Jazz team and putting tracks out since 2009. Hailing from East Sussex, Slugga is a father, a rapper and possibly the craziest sane person in the game! creditsreleased 01 April 2012

Featuring artists: ReggiiMental, Gadget, Joey Gzus and Vivica All tracks produced by Gadget except S.O.S by Bushmeister J (Holland) and Who Ya Gonna Blame by Skinnista & Bushdog All scratches by DJ Louis Unseen All tracks mixed by Gadget except Who Ya Gonna Blame by Skinnista All tracks mastered by Skinnista Artwork by Baz Ill Brush

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