Monday, 14 May 2012

Camp America - Intuition & Dreams

Something very different here. I actually went and listened to the 'Powerskills' track after Savvy aka Asaviour posted it up on Facebook and the design of the page took me back some years and made me think of thing like Amstrad or Atari. Once you hear some of Camp America's music you kind of get the vibe via audio as well. I can't say this whole LP is for me, but it found me at a time when I wanted to hear something completely different. That said, you can't ignore the skills that have gone into making this project and the quality of the artists involved.


feel high said...
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Mona Sadi said...

Thank you for this blog. That's all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something thats eye opening and important. You clearly know so much about the subject, youve covered so many bases. Great stuff from this part of the internet. Again, thank you for this blog.
Camp America


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