Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Dusted Off pt7: Chet Baker Documentary

I haven't done a Dusted Off post in almost two years but I found it fitting to do this one as myself and some of the heads in our Jazz Jousters Facebook group are flipping Chet's 'Almost blue' Classic. This will be released this weekend (June 1st) on the Millennium Jazz Bandcamp under the name of The Jazz Jousters. If you know your Jazzhop you may even recognise some of the many names of international Hip Hoppers that are Jousting with us.

Anyway back to the doc ..I'll confess that before starting the above project I didn't know half as much about the great Chet Baker as I do now. You may find this to be quite deep or possibly very inspirational. We shall see...

R.I.P Chesney Henry "Chet" Baker, Jr. (December 23, 1929 – May 13, 1988)

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