Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Misty -The Jazz Jousters Meets Bob Brookmeyer

Misty – The Jazz Jousters Meets Bob Brookmeyer

The Jazz Jousters return with a follow up to their ‘Chet Baker Tribute EP’ as they have just completed Lab Off session #2 to showcase some of the group’s talent and love of Hip Hop Jazz and Jazz orientated music.

However, this time the Jousters are paying homage to the late great Bob Brookmeyer, and as a sample source they used his version of the classic ‘Misty’, which Bob (Valve Trombone) played alongside the likes of Stan Getz (tenor sax), Gary Burton (vibraphone), Herbie Hancock (piano), Ron Carter (bass) and Elvin Jones (drums), all of whom made up the ‘Bob Brookmeyer Sextet’ in 1964.

Once again we have a mix of talented international producers such as; Mr. Moods & Erik Jackson, Diligent Fingers, Skinnista, Joe Davies, DRTYDRDZ, Gadget, Elyon, Es-K, B 3 N B i & Blue Buttonz.

‘Misty’ also features vocals from Emma Louise, Gadget & Awakening Dawn on the closing track which makes this the first project to incorporate some of the vocal artists within the Millennium Jazz online community that is, The Jazz Jousters.


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