Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Jazz Jousters Podcast #3 by OJB

My love affair with hip hop music started at a young age and has seen me take a journey through nearly all forms of rap music from gangster rap to conscious UK music. My journey has not only been as a fan but also a musician in my own right. As a beat maker and composer I pay a lot of attention to instrumentation and the relationship between different aspects that make up a track. I hope that my selection of jazz and jazz-influenced music from some of my favourite producers and artists will in part explain my passion for well produced and interesting music.

Jazz music has always been a huge influence on the producers and artists I listen to and I hope you enjoy my selection. Don't forget to check back for the podcasts every fortnight for your next dose of jazzy hip hop.

OJB - Owen Bush


OJB Mmusic on Bandcamp

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