Sunday, 17 May 2009

Just Above The Blues EP

This laid back Hip Hop & Jazz fusion has a positive anti gun crime message throughout this gathering of artists. This project is a collaboration between the two stables of Millennium Jazz Music and No Long Ting Productions.

Prevention Enforcement & Punishment (Intro) - Feat Gadget
Death Pours - Feat J-LeeN, MSJ, Klarity, Ama & KyraUK
Free Our Minds - Feat Klarity, Serocee & KyraUK
Idle Minds - Feat Serocee, J-LeeN & KyraUK
Finding Me (Outro) - Feat Gadget

All tracks produced by Gadget for Millennium Jazz Music
All tracks mixed and mastered by J-LeeN for No Long Ting Productions, except track 05 mixed by Gadget.
All graphics designed by Fraser Lyness for Millennium Jazz Music


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