Monday, 18 May 2009

Jimmy Crackstar - Teeth EP

Teeth EP (if I'm not mistaken) is Jimmy Crackstar's second release. The first being the 'What Were You Expecting' EP that sits on the shelf before me ;0) I've always had alot of respect for the young brotha, from way back when he and partner in rhyme Suicyde use to be double teaming battlers. But hey, back in now... this time round Jim experiments with his hands deep in the Jazz crates and moulding some classic and old skool breaks into that Jimmy Crackstar funk. Only two features on this one, from the likes of good friend Imranimal of the Shedmen, and Pez from Skrimshank.

1. Teeth
2. The Bad Side of Being Good
3. Talk is Cheap ft Pez
4. Mother Sun Complex
5. You Don't Have to Listen Interlude
6. On My Mind
7. Popular Vultures ft Imranimal
8. We All Fall

*Bonus Track* - 36 Reasons

Produced, mixed and performed by Jimmy Crackstar

Jimmy Crackstar @ myspace

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